Encounter – How I met Vincent van Gogh

 A few finger years ago, I met Vincent van Gogh at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts. I changed since then. I feel like I did. There was this inherent affection towards van Gogh’s work; it shook me to the ground. For the first time in life I found myself admiring the work of an artist from light to night. I checked into the museum during the sun, walked out feeling so profound at night.

On my part, I always knew I was a writer at heart. My affection for writing is greater than anything else I’ve tried. I pour out different parts of me and some moments I just “Alas!” There’s the product of me I made out of myself. “These are also me,” I sincerely think to myself. Sometime I lack the desire to sell them but “what’s good in a story if no one reads it?”

As for Vincent van Gogh, on much devastating part of his life, only sold one of his works for 500 Francs (about $1k today) throughout his 10 year career. He never tasted that glory the world now serves him in his coffin; never tasted that mouthwatering fruit of his refined legacy; never tasted that sweet bosom of a lover who would have embraced him and his paintings as if they were her own. I think Vincent’s paintings were, shall I say ‘Robust’ and ‘Expressive’ for the 19th Century. 

The transition from the Romanticism still prevailed from French masters during Vincent’s time in 19th Century Europe. The Dutch artist community of ‘The Hague School’ favored somber and opaque qualities over Impressionistic and expressive use of colors. I think in general, Vincent was way ahead of his game. 21st century could’ve been his thing.

That’s why I’m bringing him to our neighborhood. Take him to Startbucks, to McDonals, to Downtown pubs and clubs and Museums full of masterpieces of the past.

I can only hope that you’d enjoy a bit of his life through the work of a writer in practice. I’m D., a man doing his everyday writing for whomever he can. A bit of my background includes: grant writing, non-profit writing, proposal writing, book writing, translating, this writing, that writing….another writing… more writing… endless writing…. writing…. My life is practically based on writing at all times.

And I seriously love it.

After all those writings, I finally hear the voices in every manuscript. Whether firm, soft, convincing, stating, vulnerable, sympathetic, begging, stubborn, demanding, angry, excited or just about every other human emotions I have felt in the past: I hear them. My favorite is a love-letter. It’s the greatest form of art. Some really excel in it or just really terrible at it, but still a lover-letter is as sweet as a love can be.

I’m writing about this story with most honest, sincere voice as possible. I make sure that no stone is left unturned inside Boulevard 63l.

Let’s get going-

© 2016 D.

5 thoughts on “Encounter – How I met Vincent van Gogh

  1. You know you just made the very first comment on my blog. It has only been 6 days, I think, since beginning. Thank you! This sure will get better each episode 🙂 See you this Friday! :]

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  2. Hello De D.

    Thanks for liking my post. You were the first one 🙂 I have joined this platform yesterday.

    I just read your this post and would like to read your other writing as well.

    For the moment, I would like to make a comment on your sentence, “I think in general, Vincent was way ahead of his game. 21st century could’ve been his thing.”

    Vincent van Gogh was a person of his time. He was way ahead (for others) but not for himself (otherwise he couldn’t have done what he did.)

    I think every artist (who makes a difference) is way ahead of his time because they travel the untrodden path, alone. The mass takes too long to follow their thinking (if at all they do) It is because of what they did, when they did it, that we have now, what we have, in the 21st century. (This is the reason why one cannot pull the artist behind, to fit in with the masses, who take their own time.)

    Would like to know what you think.

    Kind regards.
    Filomina Pawar.

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  3. Thanks for your thoughts De D.
    Van Gogh came out of the impressionists. He wanted to depict nature in a realistic manner. But on the way, he discovered that this did not satisfy his creative need. Hence the struggle, to find a way to put his ‘felt’ emotions and the ‘reality’ he saw, on canvas which brought forth works for which we praise him now (in the art community) rather than for his, the way you put “defeating life”.
    For the rest, it would be wishful thinking like my partner’s grandmother used to say, “If my cat was a cow, I would get milk from my cat”. Things are what they are and when we live the lives in these very circumstances, it brings forth the results what we see. If the situation was any different, the result would DEFINITELY been different as well.

    Kind regards.

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