1888 – October, Arles

Now, hope is vaguely beckoning on the horizon again, that flickering hope which used sometimes to console my solitary life.”

A depiction of Vincent van Gogh by Paul Gauguin, 1888, Arles

Written in October 1888 in Arles.

Vincent van Gogh wrote to Paul Gauguin whom he was hoping to live together.

Vincent tried in his power to convince Gauguin in order to create a place of gathering for fellow artists. But first, Gauguin was the main player that had enough sense and influence (at that time) over other Impressionists mostly gathered in Paris.

The quote is followed as such:

I should so much like to imbue you with a large share of my faith that we shall succeed in starting something that will endure.

When we have had a talk about those strange days spent in discussion in run-down studios and the cafés of the Petit Boulevard, you will understand the full scope of this idea of my brother’s and mine – as yet unrealized when it comes to setting up a society.

Still, you will appreciate that in order to remedy the terrible situation of the last few years something is needed, either along the precise lines we proposed or else very much like them.”

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