1883 – March, The Hague

It may well seem to you that the sun is shining more brightly and that everything has taken on a new charm. That, at any rate, is the inevitable consequence of true love, I believe, and it is a wonderful thing.

“What is it to fall in love?”

And I also believe that those who hold that no one thinks clearly when in love are wrong, for it is at just that time that one thinks very clearly indeed and is more energetic than one was before.

“What could possibly be more irrational than falling in love?” One might say.

And love is something eternal, it may change in aspect but not in essence. And there is the same difference between someone who is in love and what he was like before as there is between a lamp that is lit and one that is not.

“A person in love and a lamp on and a lamp off?”

The lamp was there all the time and it was a good lamp, but now it is giving light as well and that is its true function. And one has more peace of mind about many things and so is more likely to do better work.

Sometimes the simplest metaphor brings the light to the most controversial questions.

By loving, “one has more peace of mind” and “is more likely to do better work.” 👀👍🏻

Two Lovers (Fragment)  Oil on Canvas, 32.5 by 23cm 12.75 by 9 in, Painted in Arles March 1888, Sold for 7.1 Million at Sotheby’s Lot
Vincent van Gogh was 29 years old.
This part is from the letter written to his brother Theo van Gogh.

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