Wheat stack under a cloudy sky – October, 1889

Enlarged Comparison Against the Original


Painting #1


Painting #2

Which one is the Original Vincent van Gogh? Or which one do you want to be the original? There’re many imitation under Vincent’s name 👀 Careful not to admire some others’ work🌻
Title: Wheat stack under a cloudy sky (October, 1889 in Saint-Remy de Provence)
#GLOGH = Gogh + Blog
Vincent was 36 years old
Oil on Canvas
Size: 25.2in x 20.7in (64cm x 52.5 cm)
Collection at Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo
This excerpt is indirect to the painting, however is written about fellow artists: Paul Gauguin and Pissarro from THEO van Gogh to Vincent van Gogh. It reveals the state of difficulties for respective artist during the same paradigm as Vincent van Gogh: “You say that at times you think you would have done better to have remained a merchant, but do not say such things.

Take Gauguin, for instance. I am fully aware of his talent, and I am fully aware of what he wants to do, but I have not seen my way to selling anything whatever for him, and yet I have all kinds of pictures of his. The public is most rebellious about things that are not made in “perfect order.” It is obvious that Gauguin, who is half Inca, half European, superstitious like the former, and advanced in his ideas like a number of the latter, cannot work in the same manner every day. He is very unhappy because it has not been possible to find something for him on which he can live. His most recent pictures are less saleable than those of last year. Last week he wrote to tell me that one of his children fell out of a window, and was picked up nearly dead. And yet they hope to save him. He would do anything to get a little money, but I am unable to procure it.

Pissarro too is at his wits end. He is working like a slave. He made a very pretty fan for Jo. Peasant women running about in the fields with a rainbow in the background. So far he has not see that gentleman at Auvers, at least he does not write anything on the subject; the best thing for you would be to come and stay with us in the spring, and then go into the country yourself to see whether you can’t find a boarding house to your liking. We certainly ought to be glad that you are so much better in comparison with the same period last year. At the time I was afraid you would not recover.” (From #Theo to #Vincent, 22nd of December 1889, Saint Remy)
Image Courtesy of Kröller-Müller Museum
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6 thoughts on “Wheat stack under a cloudy sky – October, 1889

  1. I’d say right on Randy 🙂 (is that your name?) I think your personal hue is a bright one, too 🙂 Second seems much more convincing the way it presents vintage feelings of it but you’re right! It’s the other one; one with brighter hue! Vincent van Gogh was having a good period of recovery during the time in Saint-Remy. Good eyes, like really. Or your intuition 🙂


  2. I actually went to look it up, after… heehee… Had to know and couldn’t wait. Sorry… I wish they were combined. I like the brush work on the second; probably prefer it. I also like the colors, but the garish blue of the vG just has some appeal. I don’t know my hue.

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  3. I, too, liked the bright one but was sure it was wrong. It seems the title (Cloudy) would make more sense for the cloudier, darker painting. I am so glad that VG, true to his nature, always surprises us and always saw the brightness, despite his despair…

    Liked by 1 person

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