Arles – 1888, May

Can’t you see that similarly self-sacrifice, living for other people, is a mistake if it involves suicide, for in that case you actually turn your friends into murderers.

At times, Vincent van Gogh’s words reveal the meanings beyond the words. He doesn’t complicate with fancy vocabularies but only in manner he feels natural.

“To live for others such as friends, to sacrifice for them…” he says: “is to turn them into murderers in a suicide.” And for us to think that he may had killed himself… but without a resentment for any of his friends…

So if it has come to this, that you have to travel around like this, with never any peace, it honestly kills any desire in me to get back my own ease of mind. 

Ever yours, Vincent

Letter written from Vincent van Gogh to his younger brother Theodore (Theo) van Gogh.
On the 25th May, 1888 in Arles.

Vincent was 35 years old & Theo was 31 years old at that time.

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