Wheat Field with Cypresses – 1889, Saint-Remy

This one is @ London National Gallery


Ah, yes. The cypresses. This is the most critically valued painting out of all the other paintings by scholars, critics and such. Do you agree? (My love is equal except for occasions. e.g. Starry Night, Almond Blossom…)

Wheat Field with Cypresses is a series of three identical work executed in mental asylum at Saint-Remy. Two of them are larger than the one which is kept in Private Possession. You can view the work at Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York, as well as, at London National Gallery


Title: Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889)


Medium: Oil on Canvas

Location: Collection at London National Gallery


Size: 72.1 cm × 90.9 cm (28.4 in × 35.8 in)


Here’s how Vincent van Gogh described the painting:

“I have canvas of cypresses with some ears of wheat, some poppies, a blue sky like a piece of Scotch plaid; the former painted with a thick impasto like the Monticelli’s, and the wheat field in the sun, which represents the extreme heat, very thick too.”

Written to Theo van Gogh from Vincent van Gogh on the 2nd of July, 1889.


In another occasion written to Theo:

“Only I have no news to tell you, for the days are all the same, I have no ideas, except to think that a field of wheat or a cypress well worth the trouble of looking at closeup.”


Vincent van Gogh was 36 years old & Theo van Gogh was 32 years old.

From Saint-Remy, 1889.

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