Still Life with Bible (October, 1885 in Nuenen)

15876645_776511115837616_1960937975495786496_nStill Life with Bible (October, 1885 in Nuenen) #tb #masterpiece
Vincent was 32 years old
Oil on canvas
65.7cm x 78.5cm
Currently at Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam: Vincent van Gogh Foundation
“Dear Theo,
Flügel, Flügel über’s Leben
[Wings, wings to fly above life!]
Flügel über Grab und Tod
[Wings to fly above the grace and death!]
That is what we want, and I am beginning to understand that we can get them. Don’t you think Father has them? And you know how he got them? By prayer and the fruit of prayer – patience and faith – and from the Bible that was a light on his path and a lamp ahead of his feet.”
“have more hope than memories; what there has been seriousness and blessed in your past life is not lost; wait no longer therefore, you will find it elsewhere.
Keep heart and believe me, your loving brother, Vincent.
If it was true that youth and adolescence are only vanity – of course, if one takes into account what is written above and if one dreams that a well employed youth is a treasure, although he breaks off and resumes later, we would have to strive and hope to become men like our father and others. We hope on these two, and pray. Compliments to all that may ask after me.” (From #Vincent #vangogh to #Theo van Gogh, 13th September, 1875, Paris)
“Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children,” said Bernard Shaw. Well, I hope to differ. Though I do hate seeing men in their flower wasting their time! It’s still a happy new year. Lest the resolution waste in time
#stilllife #art #painting #🌻

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