till life with meadow flowers and roses (1886-1887)

“…have my heart, should you name all the flowers.”

Title: Still life with meadow flowers and roses (1886-1887)
Vincent was 34 years old
Method: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 100cm x 80 cm (39.4in x 31.5in)
Location: Kröller-Müller Museum, The Netherlands
*Purchased with support from the Rembrandt Association
“My work at least lets me retain a little of my clarity of mind, and makes possible my getting rid of this someday.” (From Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh, 4 January, 1890 in Saint-Rémy,)
“It would seem that we are not the masters of this – of our existence – it seems that what matters is that one should learn to want to go on living, even when suffering. Oh, I feel so cowardly in this respect; even when my health has returned, I am still afraid.” (From Vincent van Gogh to Mr. and Mrs. Ginoux, 31st December, 1889 in Saint- Rémy)
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