Warmest Welcome to Boulevard 63l

Character Setting

Main Characters:

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This is my life in sum.. :]

Vince:  1/4 owner of 63l. Aspiring painter. A fool in love but never in his.

Dora:  1/4 owner of 63l. Owns a petite bookstore.

R0 (Robert):  1/4 owner of 63l.

Cat (Cathy):  1/4 owner of 63l. Social media celebrity. Physically aesthetic.

– Paul G.:  Aspiring artist. Symbolism. Stubbornness a virtue. Money speaks louder than all.

Anton Mauve:  Uncle to Vince by marriage. Owner of a gallery in the city.


Physical Setting:
Bouville:  Childhood town of main characters.
– The City (La cite): Outer part of Metropolitan city. Inclusive of Boulevard 63l.
– Boulevard 63l:  A 2-storey brick house.

Chronological Setting:
– Time:  Current, 2017 (+2016). Same year, same month relative to the posting dates.


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