Paris – 1857, September

How I should like it if we could have breakfast together or drink a cup of chocolate in my room. Keep courage, old fellow,

Just a breakfast and a cup of hot chocolate or tea? Coffee if you fancy. Isn’t the most obvious things at time the most profound feelings one can write about?

Don’t take things that don’t really concern you very closely too much to heart, and don’t let them hit you too hard.

How about eating bread, have you tried that? In a great hurry I shake your hand warmly in thought.

From Vincent van Gogh to his younger brother Theo van Gogh.
This was written when Vincent was 22 years old.

He finishes it by saying:

Your affectionate brother, Vincent

Write again soon.

1876 – August, Iselworth

Between father and those above, there is again a space of life, and there is even space between father and us. But Those who are above can make us brothers of father, they can also make us increasingly intimate one to the other. I wish that it is so, my boy, because you know how much I love you!

Written to Theo, Vincent’s brother.

Did you know Vincent and Theo were 4 years apart?

It’s written in Jo’s (Theo’s wife: Johanna van Gogh Bonger) bibliography on Vincent van Gogh that Vincent was a man of fine-built with broader shoulder than most men.