The Night Cafe (VR) – 1888


The Night Cafe (VR)


A virtual reality reproduction dedicated to Vincent van Gogh’s Night Cafe. A bit of dizziness at the beginning but it’s beautifully made! So good to see Vincent sitting, smoking his favourite pipe: “To do good work, one must eat well, be well housed, smoke one’s pipe and drink one’s coffee in peace”


This place, to Vincent, was a place of placid terror. He did have a room rented on upper floor which he found to be expensive than what he had anticipated coming to Arles (more expenditure = more burden to Theo). Hence, he found the owner of the place a bit unreasonable in his demand, as well as, his innate personality as a person. Vincent once described his painting of The Night Cafe the ugliest (sometime translated as the most terrible one) all because of the owner’s attitude. He then soon left the place and finds The Yellow House which was three blocks away from here in front of the park on Place Lamartine street. If you look closely, you will see the owner of the Night Cafe in the middle of the painting (pervious post) wearing white top and bottom. Notice how he painted his face and the tone of his skin 👀


How do you like this Virtual Reality?


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